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Emily Jansen: Everyday Hero

Well Dunn client, Emily Jansen, cycled 1,500 mile to raise funds & feed Front Line workers during COVID crisis.

During the course of our nearly 40 years of business here at Well Dunn, we have had the distinct pleasure of working with many truly amazing clients. In today’s challenging climate, we want to especially celebrate one client who has earned the title of Everyday Hero by putting her heart into each effort she tackles.  After seeing the daily struggles and sacrifices being made by Front Line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Emily Jansen jumped into action by singularly raising funds to support local hospital workers here in Washington, DC. Through a GoFundMe campaign, she committing to cycling 1 mile for every $1 donated during the month of April…and in the end she cycled over 1,500 miles!

Early on, when the health crisis began proving to overwhelm hospitals at an alarming rate, Emily felt the call to use her athletic talents to benefit “something bigger” than herself. Always an athlete, she swam competitively and took up running as a form of exercise in high school and college. In her 20’s she added cycling to complete the trifecta needed to compete in triathlons. Her first competition was in Washington DC in 2005 and she’s been “hooked” ever sense. She has competed in 6 triathlons since and is currently training for her first half ironman (whew!).

When she saw a church posting on social media about raising money for her local hospitals, Emily connected with them about how to put her fundraising to use.  In the end, through contributions from friends, family, fellow athletes, work colleagues, and fellow church members, a total of $1500 was raised to feed meals to the Front Line workers at George Washington Hospital and MEDSTAR Georgetown Hospital.

The Well Dunn family could not be more impressed with Emily’s commitment and philanthropy. She represents a level of altruism and egalitarianism that we all need to embrace during these challenging times. Bravo, Emily!

If you are interested in partnering on a donation of some kind similar to Emily’s, please reach out to us, we would love to help!