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Sample Menus

Mitzvah Under the Palms

A special celebration with a Hawaiian twist.

Hawaiian Lunch Buffet

rice bento
base: sticky jasmine rice or black forbidden rice
proteins: panko crusted chicken or kalua beef sirloin patties
toppings: grilled bok choy/ grilled pineapple coleslaw / diced mango / bean sprouts / snow peas / broccoli / toasted macadamias / black & white sesame seeds
sauces: brown gravy / sweet teriyaki / wasabi cream

tuna poke bowl
sticky rice / avocado / sesame ginger vinaigrette / wonton crisp

green papaya salad
young papaya / long beans / tomatoes / peanuts / lime juice / cilantro

tropical sweets
pineapple upside down cakes / mini mango cardamom parfaits / coconut passionfruit bites

Tropical Mocktails

strawberry hibiscus sparkler
coconut water / passion fruit juice / honey hibiscus syrup / mint leaves / strawberries / hibiscus flower

virgin piƱa colada
coconut sorbet / coconut milk / pineapple juice / pineapple ice cream / maraschino cherries / toasted coconut whipped cream / pineapple spear / paper umbrella