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Our Next Chapter

Maintaining the culture and values of an independently owned business providing exceptional cuisine, creativity and service.

In 2024, Steve Dunn, Well Dunn’s Founder of more than 40 years, sold the company to Paul Varga its Chief Operating Officer. After witnessing the sale of the largest DC caterers to international food groups, Steve felt it was critical to sell the business to an individual who is well known in the Washington market. Further, Steve wanted to ensure that Well Dunn continues its commitment to the high quality service an independently owned business is able to provide its clients. An industry veteran with a successful track record, Paul was the perfect choice.

Paul joined Well Dunn in April 2023 after serving in a number of roles at Occasions Caterers, in Washington, DC from 2007 to 2022. As Chief Operating Officer for Occasions, Paul oversaw the entire company, leading all its departments, and playing a pivotal role in facilitating Occasions’ historic 2018 acquisition by Compass Group, USA. In the years following Compass’s acquisition of Occasions, Paul’s focus shifted to helping Occasions navigate the global pandemic of 2020. Under Paul’s leadership, Occasions survived the pandemic and thrived. By the Spring of 2022, Occasions had posted months of consecutive growth, resulting in record revenues for the company. Since leaving Occasions, Paul focused on hospitality and leadership consulting, helping organizations across the Washington, DC area evolve, while teaching their leaders how to learn and grow.

Under Paul’s leadership, Well Dunn will continue to be a leader in creating innovative and collaborative events for each and every client.